Want to do a Film in Slab City?

by admin on May 14, 2013

Get your Film Permit!

In light of the recent film maker who staged a fire/bomb explosion here at Slab City, thus jeopardizing the residents of Slab City’s safety, AND doing this WITHOUT getting a Film Permit and having the Fire Department as back-up…PLEASE NOTE:  ALL FILMAKERS FOR PROFIT, OR POTENTIAL FUTURE PROFIT, OR POTENTIAL HOPES OF SELLING THE FILM, MUST GET A FILM PERMIT!





The Imperial County Film Commission is responsible for permitting film, television, web and print production projects on properties throughout the County of Imperial. The Film Commission provides coordination and guidance for production on all public and private properties within the County of Imperial.

Imperial County government agencies and the Film Commission work hard to encourage film, TV and print production and to keep the permitting process simple and streamlined, while at the same time insuring public safety, minimizing public inconvenience and preserving the prevailing good will of Imperial County toward filming.

The permit process is customized for each project depending on its complexity. You are encouraged to include the film commission even on private properties so that experienced staff people can anticipate complications that might arise.

Following is the general permitting procedure:

Roundtable Meeting: IF NECESSARY – The Film Commission will schedule a Roundtable Meeting at which key production department heads, community agencies such a police, fire, sheriff, etc. and ICFC staff meet to review the project. Depending on the length and complexity of your project, the ICFC may schedule one meeting, or possibly a series of meetings, or if appropriate, the meeting MAY BE WAIVED.

Insurance Certificate: An industry standard one million-dollar general comprehensive insurance policy is required. A standard certificate of insurance naming the Imperial County Film Commission as additional insured must be on file at the ICFC office prior to your first day of production. You may fax or email a copy of this certificate. The contents of the “Certificate Holder” box must match exactly.

Film Registration Form: An Imperial County Film Commission Film Registration Form must be completed, signed and returned to the ICFC. Please have a copy of your film registration with you on site at all times.

Location Liaison Services: Imperial County incorporated cities may vary in permitting requirements. The Imperial County Film Commission will work with local agencies and authorities to insure that all proper procedures are followed. Additional forms and procedures may be required. The Imperial County Film Commission serves as the permitting agency for the County of Imperial and other lands within. Federal, state, and private properties, as well as the 12 other incorporated and unincorporated cities within the county, have their own regulations and procedures for shooting. The ICFC can assist by serving as a liaison to these agencies as well.

Neighborhood Letter: A neighborhood letter of notification must be distributed in any community, residential or commercial, that is significantly impacted by any type of production. These fliers must be posted and distributed in a timely manner and should always include an ICFC contact and phone number. A copy of this letter must be on file at the ICFC prior to shooting.

Child Labor Laws: In the State of California all minors (under 18 years of age) must have a work permit and minors under the age of 16 must have a licensed studio teacher present on the set.

Finally, if your production includes “credits”, a “Thank you to the Imperial County Film Commission” would be appreciated.


2013 March 12

by admin on March 13, 2013

Big thanks to Karen and the Smith family in Cottonwood, CA for donating books to The Lizard Tree Library

Another BIG thanks to the couple that bought the Porta Potty for placement down at the Hot Mud Springs!

Get your shade built!  Hot weather is starting!

Prom 2013! is March 30th.  We have dresses, suits and men’s dress socks for borrow.  Contact Lynn at the Oasis for try-on time and place. (heard it is that afternoon?  Please let us try on sooner!)

Easter Egg Shoot is at the Oasis on Sunday, March 31st.  Open to all. Breakfast, then take turns shooting raw colored eggs with pellet guns.  YES, we are kinda crazy out here, LOL!


2013 Feb 23

by admin on February 24, 2013

Topics Feb 23 2013

These meetings came about to enhance our sense of community here at Slab City. We lead by example. We do NOT tell anyone what to do. We have no authority, and we are not vigilantes. We simply do not condone violence.

Everyone is welcome at these meetings. All we ask is to listen to each other. There is a List of Common Courtesies. They are posted at the Kiosk. Let someone know if you would like a copy.

Camp Dunlap | BLM land

There is confusion about camping on BLM land here.  The BLM land here starts approximately around the Library, down County Rd.  There are some private lands mixed in.  The usual 2 week limitation rule does not apply here.  THAT MEANS…DO NOT ASSUME you can camp on local BLM land.  YOU MUST CONTACT THE LOCAL BLM OFFICE


There was a dog fight this week and a puppy was killed.  Both dogs were off leash.  Last week a person got bit by a dog.

THIS IS SERIOUS FOLKS!  No BLAME GAME!  It is cool that the dogs all roam around and play together, but one bump can set them off and if the owners do not have control (meaning they are by their side, and or the dogs are not on a leash) then sad things such as this can happen. There is a leash law that we are subject to.  If a dog bites they could be put to sleep.  It would be a very sad thing to happen to both sides.  AND it can happen SO VERY QUICK, like when you are talking to a friend in another area away from your dog.

Most of us LOVE dogs, but some people are afraid of them, so please contain (fence, leach, running cable) your dogs and do not risk having them taken away or worse. Besides, better to know your dog is safe from poisons, desert critters, cars etc, than to see then hurt and suffer and often out here, die.

The Midnight Riders

…had an arrangement with Moth to pack up their garbage after their camp weekend. They did this and some people came afterwards and tore up the garbage bags to get the recycling that was left behind.

This is not ok.

Check with the neighbors (in this case Moth) before you go taking stuff. This made a mess in Moth’s yard. We don’t need to make more trashy messes. Respect means asking about picking up anyone’s garbage. Be considerate of our desert. Ask and work out a solution. Thanks for not over reacting Moth. Thanks for bringing this to all of our attention.


Part of our community’s response is to build relationships with the local and state authorities. It is our responsibility to let those authorities do their job. We are NOT vigilantes. We are a community of people that would rather not have these incidents to contend with, however, when there is no other option, the best course of action is to involve the authorities.

The local Sheriff Department has been invited.  We are waiting for a response.

The County Fire Department

  Morning CPR training session was a great learning experience.  All who attended felt it was a good experience and well worth it.  They will organize a CPR class where you can get certified and receive a CPR card.  The fee will be around $40 per person and the minimum attendance we will need is 10 people.  We are also looking for donations to offer scholarships for a few pwople who attended the free cpr review class and who would want to get certified.  See Lynn or Robi if you have a donation.

There is a map of Slab City in the Information Kiosk. Its a good idea to familiarize yourself with your exact location, the area number from the map, or the GPS coordinates in case you need emergency assistance. Lynne has small copies if you would like one. CB Linda has large ones for sale (very reasonably priced too!)


PLEASE NOTE!  HAVE A PLAN! Notify your neighbors of any medical problems you may have in case of an emergency.  Having a piece of paper kept in a plastic bag in your refrigerator containing medical information, and who to notify is very beneficial.

IF you DO need to call for emergency assistance (Fire, sheriff, ambulance etc.) then call 911. Identify your need (fire, medical, or police) and your location.

You are in Imperial County at Slab City just east of Niland, California. GIVE LANDMARKS!

HONK 3 TIMES AND 3 TIMES AGAIN, ETC. Or if you do not have a vehicle horn, then bang on your rig three times. This is good if your phone does not get reception and you cannot physically get help.  IF YOU HEAR A SERIES OF 3 HORN BLASTS OR BANGING, THEN BY ALL MEANS PLEASE CHECK ON YOUR NEIGHBOR, THEY NEED HELP!

Dog spaying clinic

WILL BE the first of March, exact date to be announced.

For those that cannot participate with this program, there are other options: Imperial County run by S.A.N.D.S, contact Marge Petersen for ECAC vouchers (760)455-8254.

Salvation Mountain

The volunteer weekend was fun and we got some things done on the mountain.

PLEASE NOTE:Salvation Mountain is cracking and we all need to pull together and help Builder Bill fix it.  Ask him what you can do and when.  This mountain is one of the icons that is keeping our existance here open…do not take it for granted.  Please help out!

Salvation Mountain Inc. has recently received their tax exempt charity status. They are looking for volunteers: docents to explain what Salvation Mountain is all about. Spend time learning and telling visitors about Salvation Mountain. See the website, Cookie, Sue, Lynne, Builder Bill for a docent application. They are also looking for people to help with security at the Site over the summer months. Again, see the website for details.


Its a FREE website, and would like articles, stories and pictures. Much research has gone in to this website. Participate by leaving comments or memories you have.  This website is our legacy.


For the ladies of The Slabs and their sisters in Niland.

Time: 2-5pm, Place: Robi’s tent room on Low rd across from The Oasis. BRING: your tea cup and finger tea food to share.  Some ladies also want to share their own type of tea, so we may end up having a tea tasting :^) After the tea we will be going to the Movie premier at The Range

PLEASE NOTE: No men, no children, no pets, no solicitation…this is a time for women to relax and bond with no obligations but to show up and enjoy!

Ernie’s Faith Ministry visits:

Last Monday of the Month at Beal & Low Road. Next is Feb 24. Usually between 10 am and Noon.

Senior Center in Brawley

(at the corner of 8th Street & J Street), hosts a lunch, Monday to Friday for $1.50 @ 11:30 am. They have a library, and do games. Bingo is Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

NEW Slab City Events coming up!

Prom Under The Stars

March 30 at the Range. This is an opportunity for people at Slab City to get all gussied up and have a night dancing under the Stars. We appoint a Prom Queen and Prom King, and have our pictures taken in our finery! We are looking for dresses (especially larger sizes), dress shirts, ties, men’s suits etc. Donations gladly accepted (See Robin, Lynne, or Cookie).

ARE YOU CREATIVE?  Contact Lynn to share your decorating ideas!

Slab City Sunday Funday,

March 3…Oasis Club Parking Lot, music, food, hugging, items for sale/barter/trade. Expose your talents! first Sunday of the month, 11 am to 2 pm or until its over, Next one is

Niland Chamber of Commerce.

Meets Third Tuesday of the Month at 6 pm. Next meeting is March 18.

Next Slab City Community Meeting

Saturday, February 23,2013, 10 am Horseshoe pitch just off Low Road & Edith Lane.

Just a note: these notes are not “written in stone” ~ if you would like to have something amended, no problem. If you would like to help do the notes, even better! Thanks ;)


CPR Lessons

by admin on February 19, 2013

Slab City Residents are invited to learn CPR.

Wed, February 20, 2013 9am



2013 Feb 16

February 18, 2013

Topics Feb 16 2013 By Sarge in Slab City (Files)  These meetings came about to enhance our sense of community here at Slab City. We lead by example. We do NOT tell anyone what to do. We have no authority, and we are not vigilantes. We simply do not condone violence. Everyone is welcome at these meetings. All we [...]

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2013 Feb 2

February 12, 2013

  These meetings came about to enhance our sense of community here at Slab City. We lead by example. We do NOT tell anyone what to do. We have no authority, and we are not vigilantes. We simply do not condone violence. Everyone is welcome at these meetings. All we ask is to listen to [...]

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Free Dental Cleaning, Xrays and get paid $150!

February 12, 2013

Get Paid to Get a Free Dental Cleaning and X-rays!!! (Rancho Cucamonga) Recent Dental Hygiene graduate (from San Joaquin Valley College) seeking Dental Hygiene Board Examination Patients. Interested parties must be available April 6th and 7th. Patients must be 18 years of age or older, must not have had their teeth cleaned in the last [...]

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Feb 15, 2013 Spay Neutering

February 5, 2013

Feb 15, 2013 Female Dogs and Cat Spaying, Male Cat Neutering. Thermal Clinic: Animals will be tranported for you to Thermal, North of Niland, just over an hours drive away. Animal pickup is started at 6 a.m. Depending on number of animals going, we try to be back by 4 p.m. If you are interested [...]

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Swiss Filmaker

February 1, 2013

Slab-City.com received this request. Below is a link to a preview of a film she did.  Looks interesting. “My name is Jacqueline and I am a Swiss film director working on a film for cinema about nomadic retirement. (“What to do with life, when all is said and done”) I plan to visit Slab City [...]

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Border Patrol Meeting Notes

January 25, 2013

REPORT SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY TO EL CENTRO SECTOR (800) 901-203 BORDER COMMUNITY THREAT HOTLINE 760-335-5700 www.cbp.gov   The main message is to encourage us to report suspicious activity. You do not need to state your name. If you have information about drug smuggling and illegals. More eyes and ears we have better able for us to [...]

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